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>> congrats to that school. >> and straight ahead this morning. staying safe behind the wheel. >> good morning. thank you for joining us at this very early hour. 4:30 a.m.. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa has the latest on the traffic but we start with adam caskey. good morning to you. >> good morning. a nice, very refreshing tuesday morning it is. we'll take a look at the latest at reagan national this morning. official sunrise is 6:5 5:00 a.m.. yesterday the dew point dropped
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18 degrees. in only six hours. human at 60%. temperatures for the most part in the upper mourts. mid 50's. 60's down -- upper 40's. 60's downtown. hot and humid tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> not much happening on the highways in virginia. that's good. good on the dulles freeway and toll road. maryland drivers heading to baltimore, northbound 95 a wreck after the exit. two lanes are getting by in case you're just passing through. baltimore, you may want to take 295 just to save yourself a little grief. quickly we'll jump over to a camera just to show you the quiet stuff on the beltway. >> lisa, thank you very much. we begin now with a developing story from southwest washington
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where police are investigating a body found on railroad tracks. the body was found late last night near second and d streets. police have released few details about what happened here. we will bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available. >> and our other top story this morning. an alert for parents of middle and high school students across virginia. a man interacted with students at area schools for years but it was what was found inside his home that put him behind bars. >> could it have been sheer chance that mark barget showed up on the police department's radar? his neighbor said about a month ago she saw firefighters enter entering his place after the apartment next door caught on fire. >> the reason they went in is because the house burned down. they went to check the next
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house to make sure there was nothing wrong with it and that's when they found all of that stuff. >> police >> notified that suspected child porn og if i was found inside -- onography was found inside barget's house. he works at bulls for the metropolitan airport and judge wrestling matches. the association is contracted by the school district confirms barget judged matches and performed skin checks by the students before they got on the mats and never got any complaints. he has been suspended indefinitely, a relief to parents and neighbors. >> whenever there is someone like that, the neighborhood should be informed. >> it is 4:33. the drire accused of hitting
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and killing a college student in adams morgan faces more charges. chamica adams is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. one of the victims, julia bachleitner died last week. adams has a alcohol level twice the legal limit. 4:30 yesterday afternoon two children were hit by a car. the children are believed to be 6 and 8 years old. >> the f.b.i. needs your help finding a dangerous serial robber who has been hitting up restaurants all over the region. we have some surveillance video of the suspect. he is described as a light complexed male with blue or green eyes. the man is responsible for 38 arled robberies at restaurants since february of last year. the suspected serial stabber is
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officially an accused murderer. yesterday there was one new murder charge and four charges of attempted murder against the 33-year-old. he is accused of 14 attacks, five deadly. stretching from michigan to leesburg, virginia. >> new efforts to put the brakes on distracted driving. thousands of deaths each year are blamed on distracted drivers. a supplement gets underway this morning. >> we see it happen all the time. people using their cell phones while driving. many focus on something besides the road and today a number of officials will gather today, as you mentioned, to try and put the brakes on it. new numbers show last year distracted driving killed almost 5500 people and injured nearly half a million people as well. we know a number of people will be here in the district today to try and prevent distracted
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driving, including a local mother who lost her 23-year-old son to a distracted driver. she will join forces with transportation secretary ray lahood later toot as they hold this later today as they hold this summit. they will find new efforts to keep people keeping their eyes on the roads. >> thank you very much for that. well, the new charm card goes on sale today in the baltimore area. the charm cards are like metro smart trip cards. they can store $200 on them, though compared to $300. they can be used interchangeably. you can use it to pay transit fares in the baltimore area. >> still ahead on "good morning washington", the ballroom dancing has begun. who took the top spot after the
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first night of dance dance. -- of "dancing with the stars". >> this is a warrior woman. >> plus oprah winfrey's words of praise for d.c.'s school chancellor. >> we'll have details of traffic and weather every 1
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>> well, good morning, everybody. we're glad you're joining us. it is just about 4:40 on this tuesday morning. >> let's start off with adam caskey. it is going to be a hot one? >> today will be very similar to yesterday. you're right. tomorrow, wednesday and friday, it is going to be hot and muggy and summer-like. we're already cooler than yesterday's low temperatures. the average high today is 78 and the record 96 b 1865. we'll get close to that 90-degree mark come tomorrow thursday and friday. it is officially autumn tomorrow evening though it will feel more like summertime. low 80's locally. due to the elevation a little cooler.
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later tonight. low 60's locally and 50's further north. >> we have an accident northbound 95 in maryland after the exit for b.w.i. airport thurgood marshall. you can pass on the left. washington, everything looks pretty smooth on 95. no worries to report now. looks like we're moving very nicely on the other side of town. just going to click over to the beltway near route 4, montgomery county where things are clean and out of frederick, 270 very nice. >> thank you. 4:41 is the time. outside, kirnede chilly out there. >> come -- kind of chilly out there. >> utah up in flames. an apology from the state's army guard. we'll show you exapped. >> i think she did a good job.
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>> first michelle rhee is back in the national spotlight.
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>> welcome back, everybody. 4:45 is your time. a man who judged a middle and high school wrestling match, many of them in northern virginia, has been arrested and
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charged with possessing child pornography. 59-year-old mark barget was arrested after the apartment next door to his caught fire in jaund the pornography was found. an elderly man's body was found last night. authorities say this is a death investigation. there is currently nothing suspicious. transportation leaders will be gathering in d.c. today for another distracted driving summit. this year's event will focus on the effects of text messaging. it comes a day after the government says fewer people are being killed in crashes due to distracted driving. >> michelle rhee is getting more attention with every passing day. yesterday she was on oprah winfrey talking about how hard it is to turn around d.c.
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public schools. >> this is a warrior woman. [applause] she is a wor major woman. >> michelle rhee made headlines when she fired hundreds of teachers and closed schools during a cap to improve d.c. schools as fast as she could. she did not apologize for her distaste for disnunks the classroom >> we had a teacher over a decade span of time would be awol and wouldn't come in for days at a time and finally she started falling asleep in class. >> rhee's future remains uncertain after her boss, adrian fentsy lost the primary. >> gray insists he needs more time to determine rhee's fate but said he expects the next chancellor to be a strong figure who can bring about sustainable reform. >> i'm committed to continue with education reform.
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>> despite the speculation and worry. >> i think the future looks extraordinaryly bright. >> i think she did a good job. it is not about one person. we cannot succeed with one person. we need a lot of input. >> the whole situation is still cloaked in a bit of mystery. we asked campaign staff if mr. gray has created a short list of candidates for that post. at this point, he has not. >> this morning, we are hearing for the for first time from a family of a johns hopkins doctor who was shot last week. dr. david cohen's family issued a statement saying he is recovering in good condition. the family is asking for privacy while cohen recovers.
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50-year-old pal pardus shot him at that hospital after hearing word of his mother's condition. he shot his own mother before taking his own life. a bedbug infestation inside a public library. frederick county's public library closed a book drop after bedbugs were found inside the book drop. they plan to let the sun bring the truck's temperature to 120 degrees saying that will kill the pests. >> president obama is coming under fire over his handling of the economy. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you. defending your administration. defending the change that i voted for. >> angry voter confronted the president during a town hall meeting in philadelphia. the president told them there
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was little to celebrate in a report that said the recession ended in 2009. >> we need to come together for american renewal. we will restore our economy and rebuild our middle class and reclaim the american dream for the next generation. >> boost demand in the economy. >> he continued his opposition to continuing tax cuts for wealthy americans. he said it is impossible to keep them while trying to reduce the deficit. party officials say it will focus on jobs, spending, health care, national security and other issues. >> now to a developing story out of utah where the national guard is taking responsibility for a huge wildfire. the commander said the blaze
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started at a shooting range near salt lake city and said nobody checked weather advisories. the fire destroyed three homes and burn more than 4300 acres. >> it is now 4:50. >> later, why what you pack in your child's lunch could be so dangerous to a classmate. >> first another check of traffic and weather.
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>> 4:53 on this tuesday morning. let's take a look at some cool video we have from yesterday. this is actually jupiter we're looking at. it was nearly overhead at midnight last month. last night the earth and jupiter had their closest encounter until 2022. it looks like a bright star up in the sky. if you look closely you can see some of its moons. here is our forecast. right now we're in the 50's locally and in the forty west of town. on the way to low 80's. highs of near 90 degrees. a chance of a storm comes
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tomorrow afternoon. >> there is a song about that in 1960's you know? i think that was very popular then. what is popular now? not much top highway. hello. still sleepy on the beltway. route four and five, making your way out to andrews air force base. 9 5, good on 270 and 66 and 95 in virginia, starting the morning spin. >> lisa, thank you much. coming up on 4:55. 56 degrees. >> food allergies are on the rise. what this means.
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>> ♪ [applause] >> well, there is jennifer grey and clearly her experience in the 1980's film "dirty dancing" is proving to be helpful. she was the top scorer on abc's "dancing with the stars". she and her partner derek hough earned 24 out of 30 points. beautiful. >> that does remind me of that
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movie. >> we have a story that every parent needs to see. with a growing health alert at playgrounds, schools and hospitals throughout the area, the number of children who get food allergies is rising at an alarming rate. what your child brings to school for lunch could send a classmate to the emergency room. >> 10-year-old paul shares this list with everyone. >> because even accidental contact can be devastating. every six months paul visits children's national medical center. where doctors and nurses monitor his reactions to potential allergens. >> it is entirely true that a generation ago you didn't hear about all of these children who
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had food allergies. >> in 1977 fewer than a million children were allergic to peanuts in the u.s. that number has more than tripled. in the d.c. area there are about 50,000 children with a food allergy, it is one in 25 children. >> children can die from food allergy reaction. >> paul was told this food didn't have beans in it and it did and he spent weeks recovery recovering. >> sometimes it has bean or peas or shrimp or stuff. >> everything that he eats, everything that he touches. >> the doctor said it is a concern every teacher, student and parent needs to be aware of. >> all right. it is 4:59. a lot more still a

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